Personenbezogene Daten (nachfolgend zumeist nur „Daten“ genannt) werden von uns nur im Rahmen der Erforderlichkeit sowie zum Zwecke der Bereitstellung eines funktionsfähigen und nutzerfreundlichen Internetauftritts, inklusive seiner Inhalte und der dort angebotenen Leistungen, verarbeitet.

Gemäß Art. 4 Ziffer 1. der Verordnung (EU) 2016/679, also der Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (nachfolgend nur „DSGVO“ genannt), gilt als „Verarbeitung“ jeder mit oder ohne Hilfe automatisierter Verfahren ausgeführter Vorgang oder jede solche Vorgangsreihe im Zusammenhang mit personenbezogenen Daten, wie das Erheben, das Erfassen, die Organisation, das Ordnen, die Speicherung, die Anpassung oder Veränderung, das Auslesen, das Abfragen, die Verwendung, die Offenlegung durch Übermittlung, Verbreitung oder eine andere Form der Bereitstellung, den Abgleich oder die Verknüpfung, die Einschränkung, das Löschen oder die Vernichtung.

Mit der nachfolgenden Datenschutzerklärung informieren wir Sie insbesondere über Art, Umfang, Zweck, Dauer und Rechtsgrundlage der Verarbeitung personenbezogener Daten, soweit wir entweder allein oder gemeinsam mit anderen über die Zwecke und Mittel der Verarbeitung entscheiden. Zudem informieren wir Sie nachfolgend über die von uns zu Optimierungszwecken sowie zur Steigerung der Nutzungsqualität eingesetzten Fremdkomponenten, soweit hierdurch Dritte Daten in wiederum eigener Verantwortung verarbeiten.

Unsere Datenschutzerklärung ist wie folgt gegliedert:

I. Informationen über uns als Verantwortliche
II. Rechte der Nutzer und Betroffenen
III. Informationen zur Datenverarbeitung

I. Informationen über uns als Verantwortliche

Verantwortlicher Anbieter dieses Internetauftritts im datenschutzrechtlichen Sinne ist:

Destinazione Italia di Domenici Sonia

Via S. Rocco, 47
55047 Seravezza (LU)

Telefon: +39 0584 757589
Telefax: +39 0584 758948

Telefon: +39 347 44 56 842

II. Rechte der Nutzer und Betroffenen

Mit Blick auf die nachfolgend noch näher beschriebene Datenverarbeitung haben die Nutzer und Betroffenen das Recht

  • auf Bestätigung, ob sie betreffende Daten verarbeitet werden, auf Auskunft über die verarbeiteten Daten, auf weitere Informationen über die Datenverarbeitung sowie auf Kopien der Daten (vgl. auch Art. 15 DSGV

Destinazione Italia di Domenici Sonia

“Personal data processing” on the basis of Regulation GDPR EU 2016/679

The processing of Your personal data is done in compliance with the Regulation GDPR EU 2016/679, al in order to give you the services you asked for and to meet legal requirements.

The CONTROLLER of Your data is Destinazione Italia di Domenici Sonia, sited in Via S. Rocco, 47 Pozzi, 55047 Seravezza (LU) Italia

The PROCESSOR is Sonia Domenici, which can be reached at following email address: – certified email:

Personal data we collect:

When you require any of our services, you may provide us with your personal details, including your address, fiscal or VAT code, email address and phone number.
Personal data about other individuals provided by you, such as those people on your booking. By providing other people’s personal data, you must be sure that they agree to this and you are allowed to provide it. You should also ensure that, where appropriate, they understand how their personal data may be used by us.
Source of personal data. 
We strictly collect and use the personal data provided directly by you, personally or when contacting us on our web site (info form).

Legal basis for processing your personal data, their use, retention and your right to object
We will only collect and use your personal data if at least one of the following conditions applies:
1. It is necessary for a contract with you or to take steps at your request, or it is necessary to share your personal data with regulatory authorities. 
In order to provide the product and the service you request, we need to process your personal data, so that we can manage your booking, provide you with the services you want to buy and help you with any orders and refunds you may ask for. Moreover, so that you can travel, it may be mandatory – as required by government authorities – to disclose and process your personal data for security and antiterrorism purposes, or any other purposes which they determine appropriate.
In any case, we will retain your personal data as long as it is necessary for the uses set out in this privacy notice and/or to meet legal and regulatory requirements. After this period, we will securely erase them.

2. You send us an enquiry from our web site
Destinazione Italia will collect and use your personal data in order to make you an offer after receiving your enquiry, sent filling in our  form  (send enquiry).
Your consent to the processing of personal data is in this case evident and its denial would preclude the satisfaction of your enquiry.
We will retain your personal data as long as it is necessary working out your enquiry and they will securely erased six months after our last communication connected to your enquiry.

3. Marketing Communications
From time to time Destinazione Italia may send you offers and news about our services in a number of ways, including by email.
With reference to this we confirm herewith your right to withdraw consent at any time, just answering to our communications or sending an email to the processor. Your denial of consent for this purpose will not affect your relation with us when if you will send to us a new enquiry for information about our services or for bookings.

Data processing terms

Your data will be processed in compliance with the provisions indicated by GDPR Regulation, either by manual and with automated means, always in a manner that ensures appropriate security of the data, as foreseen by art. 32 of GDPR Regulation.

Recipients of data 

In compliance with the purposes abovesaid, your data will be disclosed to employees and collaborators of Destinazione Italia, subjects who acts as authorized individuals and /or controllers.
The Controller may also have to disclose your data to third parties, such as:

  • Subjects who have the management of the Information System for Destinazione Italia;
  • Subjects concerned in fiscal consulting and legal and mutual assistance;
  • Supervision and control authorities, such as Police, Embassy etc.

The above-mentioned subjects may act as independent controller or as “external representatives” engaged by Destinazione Italia – in accordance to art 28 of GDPR.
You can receive at any time the list of the subjects to whom your data were disclosed, with a written request to our company.
Destinazione Italia does not share personal data with other subjects.

Rights of the data subject
Pursuant to provisions of art. 15 to 21 of Regulation GDPR, Destinazione Italia guarantees you following rights:

  • Access to the personal data stored: the right to get informed if your data are being processed and, if yes, the right to obtain in this regard the following information:
    • The purpose of processing of personal data;
    • What personal data are being processed;
    • The recipients to which these personal data will be disclosed;
    • The retention period for the personal data and their use;
    • Rights of the subject (rectification, erasure, limitation and object to the processing of your personal data;
    • Right to complaint;
    • Right to be informed about the source of your personal data, in case we did not collect them directly from you;
    • Right to be informed if an automatic featuring does exist;
  • Right to rectify: the right to update and/or supplement your personal data; 
  • Right to ask for erasure (“right to be forgotten”): the right to obtain the erasure of your personal data when:
  • The data are no more necessary for the purpose for which they were collected and processed;
  • You asked for erasure, unless we have to keep them for legal purposes;
  • You successfully opposed to the processing of the data;
  • Your data were processed illegally,
  • Your data must be erased, according to law;
  • Your data were collected by the information Management company, according to art. 8, paragraph 1, GDPR.

The erasure right does not apply in case we have to keep it for legitimate legale purposes or for matters of public interest;

  • Right to limit the processing: it applies when:
  • The subject declares that his personal data are incorrect;
  • The processing is illegitimate and the subject objects to the complete erasure but asks fot limiting the processing;
  • The personal data are necessary to the subject for their verification, exercise or defence in legal claims; 
  • Right to object: the right to object to the processing, unless we need you data for legitimate or legal purposes; 
  • Right of accessing: the right to receive a copy of the personal data we hold and, where technically feasible, the right to ask for personal data you provided to be transmitted to another organisation; 
  • If you are dissatisfied with our response, you have the right to complain to the local data protection authority: Autorità Garante per la protezione dei dati personali, Piazza di Montecitorio n. 121, 00186, Roma (RM) – Italy.

In the excercise of your rights you can contact in writing the PROCESSOR indicated in this privacy notice.
the exercise of your rights is free of charge, pursuant to art. 12 GDPR.