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Sit back, relax and just enjoy your journey, leaving the organizing to us… safe in the knowledge you are in good hands!

We carry out the complete organization of your group trip or jurney with attention to the last detail. Devote your attention to fully exciting experiences, unforgettable moments and of course to your fellow travelers. With Destinazione Italia you will never feel a foreign observer but delve deep into the Italian life.

We place at your complete disposal our:

  • Lonlasting experience with group trips and events throughout Italy
  • Flexible and creative itineraries
  • Constant test and selection of accomodations and destinations
  • Transparent planning, reliable organization and flawless implementation
  • The best possible service, security and privacy
  • Insidertipps and customized assistence by multilingual escorts on-site

We do our best to make your experience in our motherland an unforgettable one.

just give us a call or send an E-Mail. The key-word when working with us is ‘customized’: We find the best solution, tailor-made to your specific needs, interests, and expectations.  nach Ihren Anforderungen und Wünschen für unvergessliche Momente.  Entsprechend Ihrer Gruppe und Reisekasse finden wir die optimale Lösung.
We are happy to assist you even with individual tours by car or boat, or any other special, personal service.

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“The perfect holiday would give you relaxation, action, culture and nature – but only a few destinations offer the lot. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if there was a destination with a bit of everything. Sun and sand for those lazy days, sensational scenery for strolling through, a spot of serious culture and history to marvel at and the occasional change to get out there and play daredevil. Lucca and its surroundings is such a destination …” was said once in a a travel supplement of the Sunday Times.

We put together a fine selection of daily itineraries, so that you can make the most of your stay in this beautiful part of Italy. Book your special day here, sit back, relax & leave the organising to us … safe in the knowledge you are in good hands!

As we recognise that every person is a unique, special indiviidual, with its own rhythm and taste, we offer both selected itineraries and personalized trips. Da wir wissen, dass jeder Mensch ein einzigartiges Individuum ist, mit eigenem Rhythmus und subjektivem Geschmack, bieten wir neben unseren ausgesuchten Tagesauflügen komplett individuell gestaltete Reisen an. Do not miss to have a look at our special services too!

Set Sail on a New and Exciting Adventure

Experience the freedom in the clear blue watersonboard a private yacht or on a luxury sailing ship with crewn confident that your journey  will be an exclusive one.

Italy at sea…
Italy is just as beautiful at sea as it is on the mainland. We invite you to discover this whole other world. Whether in the Tuscan Archipelago around the island of Elba, or from the Bay of  Naples to the island of Capri or to Sicilia, around Sardegna or along the Tuscan-Ligurian coastline, everywhere you can visit remote beaches or intimate bays of breathtaking beauty. Picturesque port cities offer special entertaining experiences on the mainland.
To enrich your vacation of several days on board, we can organize for you several entertainments and activities such as diving lessons, water skiing, gala dinners with life music and much more.

From the sea to the mainland…
If you are high in openess to experience variety and diversity from life on board, we create with you a customized program with special experiences on the mainland: Luxury cars, shopping tours, cultural visits, dining experiences in renowned restaurants or in private villas or manors exclusively opened for you.

Possibility is limited only by the imagination. Contact us and we will create together a customized, meaningful and unforgettable travel program.

Artistic Highlights from all Eras

Since the earliest times Italian light and landscape have strongly attracted painters, poets and artists from all over the world.

Even today many world-famous artists live and work in Italy, even today this country abounds in opportunities for cultural enhancement. Besides visiting Italian masterpieces in many Churches and Museums, we offer a choice of various activities, which enable the visitor to develop their own artistic skills while learning from specialized craftsmen or artists.

We suggest you to start with a trip to the marble quarries of Carrara: Marble was once quarried by inserting wooden pegs into cracks in the rock, then pouring water onto the pegs to make them swell. Eventually the rock would split, liberating a piece of marble. An expert guide will show you the quarry and explain you the modern techniques of quarryng. After it you will be guest at the quarrymen canteen and you will enjoy a hearty lunch with traditional dishes and lots of quarry tales.

The next trip brings you to Pietrasanta, a charming, medieval town, whose walls date back to 1255. Since Michelangelo began quarrying marble on the nearby Monte Altissimo in the sixteenth century, is Pietrasanta a renowned international centre for artists working in marble and bronze, loved by the sculptors Henry Moore, Mitoraj, Nogouchi and Botero. In one of the many local artistic workshops and studios you will learn the basics antique furniture restoration, glass-making, mosaics, stone carving, mould-making, bronze casting and ceramics….

Carving Course
This program provides the perfect environment for a unique learning experience for sculptors of all levels, and for those who have no previous experience and would like to try out their artistry
Master artisans and artists will demonstrait their artistry and will offer seminars, in which the participants will test their own artistic skills and express their creativity.